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October 10, 2008


Dear Family and Friends of PDMSS,

It has been a wonderful start to the school year. Routines are getting established, and we appreciate all your efforts to make this transition back to school with our Otter Oaths a smooth one. We have had so many students earning Golden Tickets and really making great strides in achieving classroom goals to help others in need. To date our students have earned two flocks of chicks, one flock of ducks, one group of honeybees, a llama and a water buffalo! Thank you for supporting this program by promoting positive behavior in all areas of our school.

On Wednesday, October 22, I will be conducting our first Wednesday Workshop for parents on the "Use of Data and PDMSS, Single Plan for Student Achievement". I hope that you will join me as I present student data and its use to set goals for PDMSS. The presentation will be one hour in length.

Finally, as the election approaches, I hope that you are using this opportunity to have thoughtful conversations with your family about current events. Having an opinion is one thing, but explaining why and with what evidence you have that opinion is a valuable tool and skill for our children to learn. As adults, we make decisions on a daily basis and base our decisions on information that we gather. It is a great lesson for our children. Be explicit about your thinking process so that you model critical thinking for your child to learn from your example.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Warmest regards,

Chi Kim

Oct. 13-17 Gently Used Book Drive, Collection Site at the School Library
Oct. 14-17 Copy Room Training, 8:15-9:00 a.m.
Oct. 15
Reflections Projects Due
October 16
Malibu Labor Exchange Food Drive (K-1 & 1st Grades are October’s Sponsor)
Oct. 20-24 Red Ribbon Week
Oct. 30
Direct Donation Drive Wrap-Up -- Please Participate
Oct. 31
Halloween Parade,
10:45 a.m.
Nov. 2
Set Clocks back 1 hour
Nov. 4
Election Day-Please Vote!
Nov. 6-7 Dana Fineman Photo Shoot Fundraiser
Nov. 11
No School, Veteran's Day

October Lunch Menu

Menu with Carb Counts


Caring Community Direct Donation Update
Join Today!  Help Us To Achieve 100% Participation!

Our annual Direct Donation campaign has reached the 45% participation level of 86 families. Please join our “Caring Community” of parents with a 100% tax-deductible contribution to the PDMSS PTA. Please remember that the money you donate today is an investment in your child’s future.    

Thank you to the following families for their donations:

Anawalt Family, Annis Family, Appel Family, Barish Family, Barton Family, Beltrami Family, Bode Family, Boland Family, Brosnan Family, Brown Family, Stephen & Debra Buckley Family, Burger Family, Carrola-Landry Family, Carson Family, Chernitskaya Family, Churchill Family, Colby Family, Cook Family, Cullen-Winsick (Hollander) Family, Day Family, deVarennes Family, Dion Family, Ekman Family, Errico Family, Ettenger Family, Evers Family, Faherty Family, Farrer Family, Fein Family, Friedman Family, Gerber-Crawford Family, Goudzwaard Family, Grieco-Sissons Family, Griffin Family, Hamilton Family, Harrer Family, Hernandez Family, Brian & Lisa Holmes Family, Henry & Lori Holmes Family, Kevin & Samantha Hughes Family, Kathleen Hughes Family, Jenkins Family, Kelly Family, Kester Family, King Family, Lamont Family, Lanier Family, Laubender Family, Lee Family, Lescher Family, Loftus Family, Longo Family, Malmoux Family, Mankoff Family, Mark Family, Cindy Martin Family, Mazzarella Family, McNulty Family, Ken & Janice Miller Family, Nanula Family, Nathan Family, O’Brien Family, Peeples Family, Peterson Family, Picard Family, Pinkett Family, Putterman Family, Ray Family, Rosen Family, Rick & Robyn Ross Family, Rubenstein Family, Schaar Family, Schapiro Family, Schetter Family, Sheridan Family, Simonian Family, Sittig Family, Norton & Kim Smith Family, Soloway Family, Spiner Family, Stack Family, Strickland Family, Thonson Family, Thrall Family, Wolfsdorf Family, Zicklin Family 

Donation forms are available in the office or to download,

Wanted:  Parent Members for School Site Council for Point Dume Marine Science School 

There are two vacancies on our School Site Council. If you are interested in becoming a nominee for one of these positions, please email me your bio (one paragraph) for our newsletter.  Elections will be held on October 24. Elected members have a two-year commitment to serve.

School Site Council is responsible for overseeing our Single School Plan for Student Achievement by approving, monitoring and reviewing school goals.  Meetings are held on five Mondays this year; the first meeting is on November 10 at 3:00 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact me at kim@smmusd.org

Our School Site Council members include:

Chi Kim, Principal
Cheryl Calvert, Instructional Aide
Cindy Johnson, Teacher
Tammy Mackey, Teacher
Margo Dunn, Teacher
Shari Latta, Community Member
Karen Farrer, Parent
Roohi Stack, Parent
Vacant - Parent
Vacant - Parent

Congratulations, Young Eco-Warriors!

They earned their Planet Earth Environ Medals by performing 25 tasks to save the planet!  Forms are available on our website at http://www.pointdume.smmusd.org/pdf/Environ-Medals.pdf

Tyler R.
Ava R.
Gabby F.
Pardis E.
Louie P.
Cheyenne O.
Scarlett C.
Logan S.
Sascha L

This Week in Attendance

Absences and Tardies for the week of 9/29/08 – 10/3/08:

Students Tardy - 46 Students Absent - 58
If your child is absent, you must call 310-457-9370 or email, kim@smmusd.org or reinhard@smmusd.org
to report an absence.  Thank you for your help!

Student Council News

Dear Parents,
We had our weekly Student Council meeting on Wednesday as usual. The younger students did a very good job listening. We thank them for all their good ideas. Don't forget about the book drive! You can put your books in the library in the boxes to the right of you if you just walk in. We went over the structure of our meetings for the first time. We can tell already it's going to be a great year!

Eden E., Natalie A., Miles M., and Isobel A.

Malibu Labor Exchange Monthly Food Drive

Just a friendly reminder that PDMSS is responsible for the monthly Malibu Labor Exchange Food Drive next Thursday, October 16th. Although the entire school is invited to participate in this monthly collection, it is the K-1 and First Grades' turn to make a special effort to bring the items listed that day. Collection bins will be at the Fernhill gate that morning and outside the office all day.

PDMSS is assigned to collect lunch-type food to the Malibu Labor Exchange on the third Thursday of each month. Our school, in collaboration with other schools in Malibu, provides lunch for those that participate in and utilize the Labor Exchange services. This is a community-wide effort to support the Labor Exchange and all they do for men and women who are looking for work in our community. Please remember them the next time you go grocery shopping and support this local cause.

Suggested foods/products to donate:

Bread to make sandwiches
Peanut butter, jelly
Canned meats, such as tuna
Fresh whole fruit in bulk
Protein and breakfast bars
Instant Soup (add hot water)
Other healthy lunch-type items
Fruit drinks
Packages of hot chocolate
Coffee, creamer, sugar
Hot/cold cups

Thank you for support and your participation in making this program successful. If you have any questions or need further details of the program, please feel free to contact us or visit the website at www.malibulaborexchange.org


Kristin Swindal and Linda Colby,
Malibu Labor Exchange Food Drive Chairs

Free $$$ for PDMSS

Sign up with eScrip and our local merchant club cards.   Grab your wallet, cards and information…it will only take a few minutes of your time to ensure that PDMSS can keep earning well into the future. The more cards you register, the more PDMSS will automatically earn just by using your cards. 

  • Hows
  • Vons/Pavilions (call 1-877-723-3929 if you forgot your card number)
  • Macys
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards

Register at:  https://secure.escrip.com/jsp/supporter/registration/step1.jsp

To help us earn through Ralphs, register your NEW club card on the following website.  You will need our NPO # 84891 and your club card number: http://www5.kroger.com/EnterpriseLoyaltyWeb/crenrollment?divId=703

Ralphs has just changed their club cards to the new black cards, so please be sure to use your new card or sign up for one online at: https://www.ralphsrewards.com/   If you forgot your new card # please call 1-800-660-9003.

If you have any questions, need any help, or if you would like any of this done for you, please email
We sincerely appreciate your participation!
Jennifer Annis (eScrip Coordinator) at pdmssescrip@yahoo.com.

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