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October 31, 2008


Dear Family and Friends of PDMSS,

When Ava started preschool, I couldn’t wait to hear about her day at school.  I had imagined that she would regale me with her stories of the day’s events. We would hang all of her “work” on the fridge, and share in the experience.  Well,  it didn’t exactly turn out that way.

Everyday I come home from work, and I ask her, “How was your day at school?”  At the very best, she says, “I don’t know.”

So the next day I asked her, “What did you learn at school today?” Her reply, “Nothing.”

My next attempt, “Did you write the letter H again today?” She retorts, “No.”

My feeble attempts were getting me nowhere, so I decided to try a different strategy.  I went home and shared a story about my day.  “Guess what happened at school today?”


“This big beautiful dog walked right into the office and ran right in to me! “

“What?!?!?”  she giggled.

“I know what you are thinking.  How in the world did a dog get into the office?”

“Yeah,” she nods her head.

“I noticed that he had a collar, and I figured out that he walked about ten blocks to come to school!  He was all by himself.  But luckily, we had a really nice dad at school that was the dog’s neighbor!  Can you believe how lucky we were today?  His neighbor was right there at school!  So he took him back home so that his family wouldn’t miss him.  It was really an exciting day.”

“You know what happed at Montessori School today, Mommy?”

“What?”  I couldn’t wait to hear of her learning and the day’s big reveal.

“A boy got a time out because he ripped up some papers that the teacher gave him.”

“Oh dear, what happened after that?”

“I don’t know,” and then she skipped off to color.

Well, it was a start . . .

If you have a special way to get your child to share about their day, please let me know.  I would love to know your secret!  I am hopeful that I will one day get a long story from my girls.

I hope that you and your child have many wonderful stories to share.  Luckily, your teachers send out wonderful news from class to help you start conversations about learning at PDMSS.  I hope that you get many opportunities to use those wonderful talking points.

Have a safe and sane Halloween weekend!

Warmest regards,

Chi Kim, Principal

Nov. 2
Set Clocks back 1 hour
Nov. 4
Election Day-Please Vote!
Nov. 6
Intro to Malibu High for incoming 6th Gr. Parents 9AM or 7PM, MHS Library

Copy Room Training, EVERY Thursday 8:15-9am
Nov. 5-7 Dana Fineman Photo Shoot Fundraiser
Nov. 11
No School, Veteran's Day
Nov. 14
Parent Enrichment 8:30AM "Raising Grateful Kids in an Over Indulgent World"

Family Movie Night 5:30pm
Nov. 18
PTA Association Meeting, 3:00 p.m., Cafetorium
Nov. 19
Nov. 20-26 12:25 Dismissal, All Grades, Parent-Teacher Conferences

November Lunch Menu

Menu with Carb Counts

Got Candy? Too Much Candy?

Bring any extra candy or treats to the front office donation box!  The edibles will be sent to homeless shelters, food banks or hospitals.  For more information, please call Linda Androlia (310) 457-3860.

Congratulations and Welcome to Kari Cole, Allison Ray and Andrea Lanier
to our School Site Council!
They will be joining Roohi Stack and Shari Latta as our community representatives.

Caring Community Direct Donation Update

52% of PDMSS Families Committed to the 2008-2009 Direct Donation Campaign

Please Donate Today!  The deadline for our Caring Community Direct Donation Campaign is upon us.  A deadline is set so that we can feel comfortable knowing that all of the many PTA funded programs can continue uninterrupted.  With 52% participation thus far, the PTA is only able to fund programs through January!  Our goal is for 100% participation with every family at PDMSS contributing to the level they feel most comfortable.  Please donate today and join our “Caring Community” of parents with a 100% tax-deductable contribution to the PDMSS PTA.

Thank you to the following 99 families for their donations:

Altagen (Herz) Family, Anawalt Family, Annis Family, Appel Family, Barish Family, Barton Family, Beltrami Family, Bode Family, Boland Family, Brosnan Family, Brown Family, Stephen & Debra Buckley Family, Burger Family, Carrola-Landry Family, Carson Family, Chernitskaya Family, Churchill Family, Colby Family, Cook Family, Cullen-Winsick (Hollander) Family, Day Family, Denker Family, DeStefano Family,  deVarennes Family, Dion Family, Ekman Family, Errico Family, Ettenger Family, Evers Family, Faherty Family, Farrer Family, Fein Family, Ficeto Family, Fox Family, Friedman Family, Gerber-Crawford Family, Goudzwaard Family, Grieco-Sissons Family, Griffin Family, Hamilton Family, Harrer Family, Hernandez Family, Brian & Lisa Holmes Family, Henry & Lori Holmes Family, Kevin & Samantha Hughes Family, Kathleen Hughes Family, Jenkins Family, Kelly Family, Kester Family, King Family, Lamont Family, Lanier Family, Laubender Family, Lee Family, Lescher Family, Loftus Family, Longo Family, Malmoux Family, Mankoff Family, Mark Family, Cindy Martin Family, Mazzarella Family, McNulty Family, Ken & Janice Miller Family, Eddie & Lisa Miller Family, Nanula Family, Nathan Family, O’Brien Family, Peeples Family, Peterson Family, Picard Family, Pinkett Family, Putterman Family, Ray Family, Rosen Family, Rick & Robyn Ross Family, Roth Family, Rubenstein Family, Schaar Family, Schapiro Family, Schetter Family, Sheridan Family, Shevick Family, Simonian Family, Sittig Family,  Norton & Kim Smith Family, Stuart & Noriko Smith Family, Soloway Family, Spiner Family, Stack Family, Strickland Family, Tarlow Family, Thonson Family, Thrall Family, Ward Family, Wilder Family, Wolfsdorf Family, Zicklin Family, Zuckerman Family

Donation forms are available in the office or to download,

Congratulations, Young Eco-Warriors!

Congratulations to our valiant Young Eco-Warriors who received their Planet Earth Environ Medals. They earned their medals by performing 100 tasks to save the planet! Forms are available on our website - http://www.pointdume.smmusd.org/pdf/Environ-Medals.pdf

Keep up the great work!

George R.
Jack H.
Dylan H.
Dylan S.
Max R.
Darin (DD) S.
Ocean J.

This program is generously sponsored by Mimi and Jon Torp of Coldwell Banker - www.Stevens-Torp.com

This Week in Attendance

Absences and Tardies for the week of 10/20/08 – 10/24/08:

Students Tardy - 37 Students Absent - 63

Congratulations to the following students who have had perfect attendance (no absences and no tardies) for the months of September and October.  We are so proud of you and your family for making the commitment to school attendance.

Sophia C., Jake F., Jessica L., Samuel M., Lyla M., Anna M., Connor M., Kevin M., Kylie M., Luca M., Ryanne S., Ashley Z., Charles B., Helena B., Griffin C., Sabrina D., Pardis E., Jonah F., Tyler H., Ian L., Monet P., Ryan R., George R., Brian R., Collette A., Ava B., Kaia G., Samuel H., Brian L.,Charles M., Phoebe M., Louie P., Spencer R., Truman S., Hayley S., Louie T., Brandon C., Chase C., Alex D., Sohrob E., Kalahan H., Kincade H., Jeremy K., Nico M., Leila A., Maverick B., Alexa B., Dashel B., Michael B., Delaney F., William K., Tommy L., Izzy P., Lee S., Maya S., Tommy S., Ella T., Natalie A., Philip C., Masha C., Hans C., Grayson C., Gavin K., Owen M., Miles M., Anthony N., Samantha N., Harry P., Arielle R., Dylan R., and Madeline S.

If your child is absent, you must call 310-457-9370 or email, kim@smmusd.org or reinhard@smmusd.org
to report an absence.  Thank you for your help!

Accelerated Reader Program

We are very excited to announce that our students in Grades 1 through 5 now have access to our new Accelerated Reader Program. Attached you will find information related to AR and how you can help your child improve independent reading. Happy Reading!

A Parent’s Guide to Home Connect –

A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader –

A Parent’s Guide to AR BookFinder –

Accelerated Reader Basics for Parents –

For more information, please visit: http://www.leapusa.org/pointdumeelementaryschool.php

Student Council Corner

Audio message from Student Council President Eden E.

Click to hear


Dana Fineman Photo Shoot Fundraiser

Thursday, November 6th & Friday, November 7th

***By Overwhelming Demand a Third Day Added!!! Also WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th!!!

Great Portraits of Your Children by Celebrity Photographer Dana Fineman

Dana Fineman, mother of Luke A. (5th), is a gifted photographer who has shot some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood.  She was on staff for Life Magazine and has shot many covers of People Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, and Good Housekeeping.  Dana now focuses her lens on the beauty in Malibu, shooting many covers for the Malibu Times Magazine and pictures for the Malibu Times Newspaper.

According to Dana, “Nothing is more beautiful than what is right in front of us, our children.”  We are excited to have Dana back for a fifth year dedicating her time to create beautiful images of our PDMSS children that are priceless.

Please sign up for a scheduled time at the Fernhill gate next Monday or Tuesday morning (November 3 - 4).  Remember, portrait sittings are for children only.

Price:  $200 first sitting, $50 each sitting thereafter.  Sitting fee includes a CD of all photographs.  Checks are made payable to Dana Fineman Photography.


Tip #1:  Have you signed up for the City of Malibu's Reverse 911 system yet? In the event of an emergency, you'll get an automated call from the city with the latest information about the nature and location of the emergency on any phone you designate. It's a terrific early-warning system, and it's free. The City will also call to let you know if a reported fire in the area doesn't pose a danger to Malibu, which can be a big relief.
Enroll here:  https://portal.nticonnectcty.com/welcome.aspx?eiid=1207B6088C3571A9687E

Tip #2:  Do you have a Dolphin Decal on all of your cars? The Dolphin Decal on your car's windshield immediately tells law enforcement personnel that you're a Malibu resident, which could save you time getting home when there's a Stage 2 road closure (open to residents only). The decals are available from the city, at a cost of $5 per car – here's a link to the application form: http://www.ci.malibu.ca.us/index.cfm?fuseaction=detail&navid=182&cid=522
(Tips from MW Fire Safety Council)

SMMUSD News from Tim Cuneo, Superintendent

To read, please

Community Announcements and Links

 Halloween Candy Warning 

There is a new warning put out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate coins are being recalled due to the fact that they contain Melamine, the ingredient in milk product that has caused many infant deaths in China. These candies are sold at Costco, as well as many bulk and dollar stores.

Please make sure to check your children's Halloween candy.

For more information, go to:  http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/coins.asp

 26th Annual Malibu High School Luncheon, Boutique, and Tennis Classic 

Thursday, November 13
Reservations must be postmarked by November 6th.
Any questions, please contact Terry Potts-Chattaway at 310-457-3972 or teepotts@aol.com

For Entry Form and more information

 Malibu Community Theater Presents "Once Upon a Mattress" 

Auditions will be held November 4, 2008, 3:00-6:00 p.m., Malibu Stage Company
Open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders.  Come prepared with a song.
Contact DeeDee Davidson-Porter at 310-457-7049 or info@malibucommunitytheater.org

For more information

 Kidspace Museum Excursion 

Wednesday, November 19 (School Holiday), 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Register in person at the Malibu Bluffs Park Office or at www.ci.malibu.ca.us

For more information,

 Lice Information 

The best way to avoid the spread of lice is educating our children (and adults).  Repeated reminders not to share combs, brushes, caps, hats, scarves, head pieces from costumes, jackets, clothes, etc. are critical.

For head lice information, go to http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7446.html

For more head lice information, 

If you would like to be removed from this list,
click here and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject.