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Dear Family and Friends of PDMSS,

Having three girls under the age of five has really changed my life. In my mind and heart, I feel like I treat them, love them, and console them equally. But in reality, it is hard to do.  I find myself constantly comparing their milestones and worrying about delays that appear in speech for one or levels of drama another exhibits over the most minor of things.  But when I finally breathe and take in the miracle of these three little lives and the myriad of moments that have filled my heart, my anxiety of parenting wanes (at least for a fleeting moment).  I take great joy in Ava's love of taking her time and doing careful work, as I do Nina's natural inclination to help and fix everything, and of Isla's love of hiding and then smiling, "foun zhou" (found you).  I know that they are all developing at the rate that they are supposed to be as individuals.

As you begin volunteering in the classrooms next week, I want you to take a few moments to think about and cherish your child's unique gifts and talents. It is an innate parental tendency to compare one’s child to their siblings or friends. Each of our students is developing at his / her own rate. Sometimes, working in the classroom can bring about parental anxieties about your own child’s progress. Remember to breathe and take joy in the experience of watching our children grow. Together, we can focus on individual growth as we provide tools to support learning by modeling and promoting hard work so that each of our students feels confident in mastering skills.  By having you work with us, we are modeling for our children that education is our collective business.  Our partnerships will have a lasting impact because an educated citizenry sustains our community and our democracy.   Our combined effort and commitment to our students will evolve into an exciting year of thinking, sharing, and growing as each child develops at their own rate.

Welcome to PDMSS!

Warmest regards,

Chi Kim, Principal

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Monday 9/28 - No School
Tuesday 9/29
- Volunteers start in classrooms

Parent Workshop - Wednesday - September 30

Please join Ms. Kim as she conducts the first parent workshop of the 2009-10 school year - The Use of Data on Instructional Decision Making on Wednesday, September 30 in the PDMSS library at 8:35 (after the morning assembly).  We are looking forward to sharing our success, but more importantly our strategy of targeted instruction to continually improve our instructional practices.

Septic Tank Update

The septic tank is now installed and fully operational. Today, paving and asphalt were completed. The final phase restriping the blacktop! Many thanks to Dennis Chavez, SMMUSD Construction Manager and Ely Jr’s for completing this incredible project two days ahead of schedule!

Volunteer Reminders:

Sign in and Out of the Office before and after you complete your service.

Pick up your official PDMSS Volunteer Photo ID badge - choose a clip or a lanyard. If you missed volunteer picture day, you may take a photo on Picture Make up day Wednesday, October 21 from 8:30AM - 11:00AM.

Coastal Cleanup Day 2009

While Heal the Bay celebrated its 25th Anniversary with this year’s coastal cleanup, we at PDMSS celebrated our 8th year of participation. Our school was well represented last Saturday morning with over 200 volunteers, led by our own Mindy Peterson.

For the first time, we partnered with the City of Malibu. Besides helping us with the tent, supplies and educational briefings, they also brought wonderful raffle prizes, which kept a big crowd of volunteers until noon. Several PDMSS families went home with t-shirts, bottles of spirits, gift certificates and big smiles.

Overall, we collected 60 bags of trash, totaling a whopping 200 pounds. We turned in 20 bags of recycling, totaling 72 pounds. Some of the more unusual and dangerous items we collected were a jagged shiv (a homemade knife), a razor and burial bags.

The annual beach cleanup is an important event for our school. It is a great way for families to get out and work together to keep our neighborhood beaches pristine. It is also a very public way for PDMSS families to show their dedication to the environment and to the ideals of the “Roots and Shoots” organization that form the basis for our environmental efforts.

Hope to see you at Westward Beach next year!

We are very pleased to announce that everyone of our classes have instructional assistants to support our students and our Marine Science Lab classes with Sandy Carter have begun this week thanks to your generous support. We are still awaiting funding for art and music enrichment programs, and know that we can count on you to bring enrichment programs to our students. Please help us by joining the Direct Investment Campaign today.  Your tax-deductable donation allows us to ensure a stable, high-quality education for our children.  It will take every family’s involvement in order for the PTA to achieve our aggressive fundraising goal - 100% is our goal. We are currently at 48% participation.

Thank you to the following 94 families for their investments:

Aldrich Family, Alexander Family, Anawalt Family, Annis Family, Barish Family, Barton Family, Bode Family, Boland Family, Brosnan Family, Brufsky Family, Burger Family, Carrola-Landry Family, Carson Family, Chartoff Family, Cloete Family, Cohen Family, Cole Family, Cook Family, DeMeritt Family, Dempsey Family, deVarennes Family, Ekman Family, Embiricos Family, Farrer Family, Fox Family, Gerber-Crawford Family, Gonzalez Family, Goudzwaard Family, Graham Family, Griffin Family, Hack Family, Haines Family, Hamilton Family, Harrer Family, Hernandez Family, Herz Family, Holmes Family, Kevin & Samantha Hughes Family, Jenkins Family, Junger Family, Kassoy Family, Kennedy-Bailey Family, King Family, Kline Family, Krawczyk Family, Lamont Family, Lehman Family, Lewis Family, Loftus Family, Longo Family, Mankoff Family, Mark Family, Martin Family, Martinez Family, Mason Family, Mastrippolito Family, Mazzarella Family, McDonnell Family, McNulty Family, Ken & Janice Miller Family, Motavasselan Family, Nanula Family, Nathan Family, Nokes Family, O’Connor Family, Panzer Family, Christian & Sheryn Payne Family, Perey Family, Pernice Family, Peterson Family, Picard Family, Pinkett Family, Putterman Family, Rapf Family, Ray Family, Rondell Family, Ross Family, Roth Family, Rubenstein Family, Schaar Family, Sheridan Family, Simonian Family, Norton & Kim Smith Family, Spiner Family, Stack Family, Stockwell Family, Strickland Family, Szczepanik Family, Tarlow Family, Taylor Family, Thonson Family, Woglom Family, Wolfsdorf Family, Zuckerman Family

Please make your 100% tax-deductable donation today.
Donation forms are available in the PDMSS School Office or to download  CLICK HERE.   

Lost and Found

Please check for lost items on the Lost and Found rack located at the Fernhill gate. Prevent lost items by labeling students' belongings (first and last names) with a permanent marker so that the item can be returned.  On the last Friday of every month, all unclaimed items with be put in the yellow Planet Earth bin.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Please bring in a Comfort Kit for each of your children.

Kindly seal all items in a one-gallon Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s full name.

Please include the following in each Comfort Kit:

  1. Family photo
  2. Letter to your child of love, encouragement or something comforting
  3. Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. Small soap bar with washcloth
  5. Small comfort creature
  6. Non-perishable snack.

Community News & Announcements

Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation


Free Gardening & Landscape Workshop sponsored by West Basin Municipal Water District


Santa Monica Playhouse


OLM Fall Festival


Spooktacular at the Malibu Library




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