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PDMSS traffic safety
On behalf of every student, faculty member, and parent, we would like to thank you in advance for keeping our children and neighborhood safety your highest priority.

Every school day over 300 children cross our streets and parking lot on their way to and from school. These traffic procedures are designed to protect the safety of our children, create a predictable traffic flow, and prevent blocked streets for all the residents of Point Dume. Your observation of posted restrictions, cooperation with traffic safety parent volunteers, and thoughtful behavior are essential for smooth and safe traffic flow.

Please share these safety procedures with nannies, grandparents and others who bring your kids to and from school.

Drop Off and Pick Up:
Monday thru Friday, students may be dropped off beginning at 7:55 a.m. and picked up when school dismisses at 2:45 p.m. Friday school dismisses at 12:25 pm.
There are two (2) Drop-Off/ Pick-Up areas for those families who do not wish to park their vehicles.
Lines will form at both drop-off/ pick-up zones at the following locations:
  1. Main Parking Lot on Fernhill - The far right lane along the yellow curb is for quick drop-off and pick-up only.
  2. Grayfox Pedestrian Gate - The gate located next to the handball court is for quick drop-off and pick-up only, and please, do not block the driveway to the staff parking lot on Grayfox.

When using either drop-off or pick up areas, please remember to:

  • Pull forward to the monitored areas
  • Make sure children are ready to get out of the car
  • Do not hold up the line
  • Do not block traffic
  • Do not double park

Parking: Please observe posted parking signs in the Drop-Off Pick-Up Zones

School Parking Lot on Fernhill

  • Do not park in the handicapped parking spaces unless you have a handicap permit
  • Visitor parking spaces are in the center of the parking lot and available on a first come basis.
  • Do not create parking spaces where there are none.
  • Do not double park or block another car from exiting.
  • Parking is allowed along the yellow drop off/pick up curb for after hour special events only.

Street Parking

  • Fernhill- Please observe posted limits. There is no parking on the school side of Fernhill during Pick-Up.
  • Grayfox- Please observe posted limits. There is no Parking in the Loading/Unloading Zone, and there is no Parking in the red bus zone.

Other Safety Guidelines

  • Do not make mid-block U-turns or Y-turns around the school, it is illegal and dangerous.
  • Instruct your children to remain in monitored areas during pick-up. Students are not allowed to walk down to the corner of Fernhill and the parking lot nor are they allowed to walk up the hill on Grayfox beyond the Staff Parking lot.
  • Arrive early to ease traffic congestion.

Walking Wednesdays and Bicycling Fridays! We encourage families on Point Dume to walk to school each Wednesday and ride bikes on Friday. There is plenty of space in the gated bicycle area to keep bikes safe for the day.

PDMSS traffic map

Volunteer to Make Safety a Priority!

Become a safety monitor during drop-off (Mon–Fri from 7:55–8:15) and/or pick-up (Mon-Thurs from 2:40-3:00; Fri from 12:20 to 12:40)

Sign the Traffic Safety Procedures Pledge
Traffic Safety Monitor Volunteer form

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